Background:  Writer-producer of over 300 informational and advertising films; some that could be considered edutainment.  Adjunct Instructor in media writing at St. John Fisher College, (Rochester, NY) screenwriting lecturer at New York University, Ithaca College, Brooklyn College and other institutions.    Consulted on features and short promotional films with several Hollywood Studios/companies, including Warner Brothers.  The author of seven books, six on  film production and business, including first place national book festival prizewinner, The World of Animation, for Eastman Kodak.

 (Intellectual property attorney)

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"One pagers," or one-page synopses are also available, upon request.
Production Philosophy:  Feature flm production need not be connected to the mainstream industry of Hollywood.  Today the many features streaming in from Canada, Australia, Asia, South Korea and other international producers attest to this.  We are, however, not subsidized by our government, as are most of the international products now being imported and widely available through streaming video: Netflix, Blockbuster and other sources.  For that reason, our best hope is to  think of quality production, however, maintaining low budget parameters such as avoiding the notion of "A" list name attachments and the idea of theatrical release.   

Theatrical release, today, is not only unrealistic for the average, hopeful filmmaker, but surprisingly enough, not necessary.  The gradual but certain shift away from theatrical release is strongly indicated by the continuous closing of traditional theaters throughout North America.  The paradigm is shifting.  Keep your eyes open as it takes place.  The single theatrical venue that might endure is the Large Format screen, or IMAX.  With this in mind, I have written a "double header" of two unusual films for Large Format production.  LF/IMAX is now digital, both in production and projection.   China is building 75 new IMAX theaters (at this writing).

1.  Blue Light:  At a prestigious universty, a brilliant but arrogant quantum physicist inadvertently creates a cataclysm that appears to be set toward the destruction of the Solar System.  Written as a spellbinder, it also tilts toward black comedy; a Sci Fi parody with a powerful special effect that runs  the length of the story continuity. 
2.  Oobie's Music:  A youth musical comedy set in 1958, the early rock era.  The film salutes early rock star, Roy Orbison.  An aging, wealthy benefactor of an upscale prep school, injects six poor but bright inner city kids into the rarified, wealthy campus population.  
3.  Dixie McCay: The Woman Who Discovered the Secret of Men:  The film is conceived to be composited with 3-D animated characters and live action backgrounds.  Set in some blurred past in 20th Century American  Society, a young woman reacts negatively to the overbearing male bias in her life and work and decides to strike out on her own in New York City.   Her bizarre adventures form the beguiling story that has two jarring plot points and plenty of head trips.  
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PLEASE NOTE:  Each property is a feature length, completely edited reader's script..   Options, as well as total sales are available unless otherwise noted.
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