Rime of the Ancient Mariner
A very unusual film that warrants being mentioned here.   This production took over two
years to complete.  

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The objective of producing this film was to make a timeless but difficult epic poem accessible to all.   Celebrated since it was written by Samuel Taylor Coleridge in 1798, it has never been out of print since first published.
The production technology of this film is not the usual due to various aspects of its budgeting and other planning in its production.  For one, I wanted to bring the efforts of past artists from a 200 year period to the screen in order to marry them to the narrative by Coleridge.   The technique used was one that has been around in Hollywood since the beginning.  It is, however, little known and called Photoanimation.   The link, below, from Wikipedia, provides a comprehensive description of this technique of filmmaking.  It is not to be compared to PowerPoint, which is a single frame display of simple graphics and/or photos.  The process of photoanimation is time consuming and when this film was made, fairly expensive, since it had to be filmed using a computerized Oxberry Master series animation stand.
As such, the film took more than two years to complete.   It was to be the last film that Sir Michael Redgrave worked on in his long career as an actor.   The reason I selected him was that he had been a schoolmaster as a young man and had taught the Rime of the Ancient Mariner to students.  In short, he was an expert in the poem and this is one of the reasons why the narration is superb.  
A more comprehensive description of the film can be found in Wikipedia.